Saturday, December 1, 2007

Luca Curci and the ArtExpo Scam

A while ago I sent a packet off to an anonymous internet call for artworks. It was a call for video works by Art Expo, a non-profit run by Luca Curci in Italy.

I am a video artist, and relatively savvy about how the art world works. Normally I don't send off blind packets to video festival type situations and I never do "pay to play" shows. Paying for the right to show your artwork is for the ignorant, the desperate, and the vast sea of art professors who will happily pay for the right to look like practicing artists. Art Expo looked legit. No fees. Good sign. Great show title, "It'll sound good on my resume" thinks I.

I send off a DVD of work suitably themed to the call, the call specifically states that there is no limit to the amount of work that can be submitted. A few months later I receive a communication from Mr. Curci himself. It seems that I failed to submit the $60 (I think this is the correct amount) required to have my video considered for the show. I write back, informing him that I hadn't read that there was a fee. I apologized and asked him to remove me from consideration and to please destroy my submitted DVD.

Annoyed with myself, I look up the listing for the show. Scanning it top to bottom, there is no mention of a fee. None at all. I dig around through different listings for the same Art Expo call. None of them mention a fee. At this point, I am royally pissed. I write Luca Curci back and tell him that nowhere did he mention a fee on the art call. He write back and asks for money again, the broken English makes it feel like an email from a spammer. I inform him that he is conducting his business in a fraudulent manner, "clip joint" style. He never writes back. I forget about this event, because the world is a big place full of exciting things.

Today I bump into a friend of mine who tells me about her own encounter with the show curator. My poor pal sends off a video for an Art Expo call and has the piece accepted! But in the email Mr. Curci states that a fee of 110 Euros (I think) is required for the video to be shown. Holy fuck, what a rip-off. Of course, this fee is not listed anywhere in any of the information listed in the call.

I'm a little bummed because my own work wasn't even good enough for this advanced form of clipping, instead I got the "you ain't gonna get in the show so we'll just try to get a lower amount out of you" email. I know I'm a terrible artist, but I do hate to have other people remind me.

My friend wisely sends Curci on his way with a few choice words. She had already swallowed some pride just to send her video in to a blind call, paying out the ass to a cheeseball like this would've been too much.

As we compare notes on Curci's tactics, I fall into a rage. I assumed that my brush with Curci had been a mistake on his part, a failure to properly write up the call for work. But no, it was his business plan - his hustle, his scam, his preying on those desperate to have their artwork seen by a bigger world. He tried to get trick the two of us into giving him money using the same method, different events and different times, same trick. Later I find out that the 110 Euro fee was standard for this particular show, one sucker I know PAID IT! And he had been told about the fee in the exact same way.

Curci is showing about fifty artists in an upcoming show at Monkey Town in Brooklyn, this is the show that costs 110 Euros to be in which my friend chose not to be in. Monkey Town is a pretty respectable space, I wonder that they are dealing with a pay to play set up like Art Expo. It's a pretty big hit to their street cred, I'd more expect Curci to be hooking up with the Slowinksi Gallery or some other such place. My only hope is that they don't know about Art Expos sleazy practices and that this is some terrible mistake.

If each artist is paying 110 Euros, that's 5500 Euros the curator is getting from each chosen artist. If we assume that he pulls the same "bill 'em after the send the work" stunt that he pulled with me, that could be thousands more in his dishonest coffers. My god, I wish I had thought of this amazing way to bilk idiots. Of course, I would never suspect that this would work in a thousand years.

Folks, seriously, don't pay for the right to be in a show, unless you are a watercolor artist teaching at a small town in the Midwest and need the show to make tenure. People LAUGH at you when you do this stuff. It is an embarrassment to have this stuff on your resume. There are about eighty billion "show opportunities" listed on the internet, most of them are free. Go apply to those.

Paying a pondful of money to have your work shown at a fancy sounding film festival is an especially bad idea if the showing is at some place like the Indiana University branch in Kokomo. Seriously, Kokomo Indiana. I've got to say that the show sounds very impressive, the "Indiana International Video Art and Architecture Festival". Hard to argue with. And Curci's original art call says the festival is at the "Indiana University Art Gallery". Indiana University is a pretty good school with a surprisingly good art program. Of course, when one speaks of Indiana University they expect that you are talking about the main campus in Bloomington, which has about 38000 students, not the Kokomo campus with 3000. Looks like kooky Curci managed to put another one over on a handful of cash-wielding artists.

All of you who spent your good money on the "Indiana International Video Art and Architecture Festival" do a Google search on the festival. As far as I can tell there wasn't such an event. The only places I see it listed are on the Art Expo website and in the scattered resumes of the artists who were in it. I can find one confused ramble of a local events column, but the IU-Kokomo gallery itself doesn't list the event. Was it worth the money? Would you have paid it if it had been advertised that the show was on the Kokomo campus? Are you laughing as hard as I am?

Not that there is anything wrong with the gallery at Kokomo. Nothing at all. It just isn't what was represented in the ad.

There are all sorts of reasons to not participate in these "pay to play" art shows. Admittedly, a few good reasons exist which justify sending the money in, mostly these reasons involve artificially shoring up your show resume so you can fool people who know nothing about art. All that aside, you shouldn't give money to someone who is cheating you, and this IS cheating. It calls into question the legitimacy of the project they are promoting, of their competency at curating. Demanding money to look at the work after it has been advertised as a no-fee show is sleazy and shows where the true priorities lie. And by paying the money anyways you are encouraging this dishonest practice. I am forced to assume that there are fifty artists in any particular show of his because fifty suckers were willing to pay for the privilege. If a hundred had been willing the show would have fifty additional videos.

I wanted to list the names of the artists who showed in his projects, that way they would be tied to this article when anyone googled their name. But no, that is too cruel. Skimming through the folks I would have shamed I find the exact sort of folks that I suspected - university professors who started teaching straight out of an MFA program and have no art experience, artists with lots of shows but all in the same small town, you know the lot. I don't want to shame these folks, but I would like to inform them.

And I'd like to be informed myself. If anyone reading this blog has had an experience different than that of myself and the other two folks, please let me know.

Here are some relevant links:

-An example of the calls for the fabulous Indiana Festival of Video Art and Architecture and a show called Temporary Identities. Notice that there are no mentions of fees for either show.

-Luca Curci's website. You can tell from the opening page that he's an e-human. You can also tell he's a lot happier than me, as he can get scantily clad girls to run about while he photographs them.

-Here's his next list of calls, none of which list a fee. Maybe I'll submit something under another name and report when he tries to charge money.


Kelyn said...

Thanks for posting this!!

zogoibi said...

thanks a lot for this !

Elaine C Miller said...

Thank you for posting this. I literally just finished emailing with him about a piece he wanted to show in an art expo in poland. Lo and behold he of course wants me to pay 100 euro. FUCK THAT. I'm a grad student with NO money. "thanks but no thanks, man." But, anyway, thank GOD you posted this.

Luca Curci said...

This is Luca Curci from International ArtExpo.

First of all, International ArtExpo has more than 10 years of activity and more than 65 events organized all-over the world: each event can be proved by pictures and/or confirmation by venues' directors.

In any call for artists we send, it's ALWAYS WRITTEN (read carefully next time)that "the participation in the International Art Festival requires an entry fee only for selected artworks". The amount of the entry fee depends on the different events since it's useful to cover the material costs of any different event, as workers, venues' rent, equipment, advertising material, mounting/dismounting, etc., and we usually offer special entry fee or free entry to deserving artists and students. Then, everyone is free to take part or not if selected.

We suggest you next time to read carefully our call, to ask us for clarification if you have some doubts and to be brave enough to not be anonymous but expose yourself as we always do.

Furthermore we suggest you to delete this article since this is libel and, within few days, we will commence legal proceedings to find out the anonymous author, close the blog and report to competent authorities.

Luca Curci

william pickles said...

thank you for posting this,

Nicolas Lelièvre said...

@ Luca Curci
No artist should pay to show their work. Period.
And no decent curator should spam people's mailboxes like you keep on doing even after they unsubscribed.
(by the way, as a target of your dishonest advertising, I wonder how the hell I ended up on your mailing list in the first place)

david schwARTZ said...

Thanx !!!! Has anyone used Juried
Art Services or Zapp Shows.
David SchwARTZ
P. T Barnum said , "There is an
opportunity born each minute."
I just hate being someone's
opportunity that isn't selling my
works !

Luca Curci said...

Interview: Gregory Steel

L. C. – What do you think about International ArtExpo organization?

G. S. – I think the International ArtExpo organization is a fantastic element in the world of contemporary art today. It brings together international exhibitions and provides unique and interesting options and possibilities for artists from around the world. Opportunities that they would otherwise not have nor could they have. The work that International ArtExpo does and the level at which they perform is amazing! From small out-of-the-way exhibitions to major contemporary art world events these opportunities for artists to ask exhibit their work and to share with the rest of the world offer an unprecedented level for any artist, a long-standing professional to someone just beginning. The different curators and organizers of these events and the artist participating create a mix of relationships that generate further opportunities and possibilities for exhibitions and artists to share their work. I have been involved with International ArtExpo for many years now and have always appreciated and been grateful for the work they have done in the opportunities they’ve presented me as a visual artist. I look forward to many more years of collaboration and work with the organization, the curators and organizers of exhibitions yet to come.

L. C. – Do you think International ArtExpo organization can represent an opportunity for artists?

G. S. – The International ArtExpo organization is a great opportunity for artists to engage with an international audience. It is difficult for many artist to find exhibition opportunities even in their local communities without finding an opportunity to show on such a large stage and in an international context. The fact that International ArtExpo exists primarily for this purpose is amazing and exciting. I recommend to all my students and friends that they seek out these kinds of opportunities and options for themselves as a developed their own art careers and wish to share their visual creations and images with the world. I think organizations like this are the future of the world of art as a create opportunities for artists outside of the proper art world and allow the artist freedom to express and to show their work in places otherwise unavailable. The amazing work that International ArtExpo does cannot be measured nor can it be dismissed; all artists should pay attention and get involved if they can. This organization represents a shift in possibility for our and for all the artists, to miss this opportunity is to miss a possible new future.

Luca Curci said...

Interview: Daniel Pešta

L. C. - What do you think about International ArtExpo?

D. P. - International ArtExpo is the right superfast moment in the right multi-informational place called the World. It is precisely the right model for our era. Plus it has an excellent and attractive graphic design and visuals!

Daniel PestaDaniel Pešta, I was born in your bed, 2013. Video still

L.C. - Do you think that International ArtExpo can represent an opportunity for artists?

D. P. – I think that International ArtExpo was made for opportunity. It is incredibly suspenseful to watch today’s possibilities for the movement of information, which spreads at the speed of lightning. What more could an artist want but to present his work through this channel. International ArtExpo has turned our planet into one big amazing gallery!

Luca Curci said...

Interview: Kate MacDonald

L.C. – What do you think about International ArtExpo organization?

K.M. - International ArtExpo has done a great job of connecting international artists on the web. Their exhibitions and events create a dialogue between artists from all over the world beyond language and change the typical contemporary art practices.

L.C. – Do you think International ArtExpo organization can represent an opportunity for artists?

K.M. - International ArtExpo provides an excellent opportunity for artists to promote and expand their audience beyond their own native territories. The international exhibition of my works led me to stumble upon new opportunities that I would certainly not known by myself.

Luca Curci said...

Interview: Giouli Tsatsopoulou

Interview: Mar Garrido

Interview: Fabian Freese

Interview: Christine Istad

Interview: Labib M. Sharfuddin

Interview: Fred L’Epee

Interview: Robert Kirov

Interview: Ašiku Svetlana

Interview: Vera Arjoma

Interview: Jelena Dejanovska

Interview: Antonis Kourkoulos

Interview: Ilia Yefimovich

Interview: Gabriella Parisi

Interview: Gian Cruz

Interview: Carlos Torres Machado

Interview: Aurora Giampaoli

Interview: David Wasch

Interview: Sophie Delaporte

Interview: Susan Yeung

Interview: Ina Navahrodskaya

Interview: claRa apaRicio yoldi

Interview Harpo ‘t Hart

gregory steel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gregory steel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stefano W. Pasquini said...

I have been trying to be removed to this Domeus mailing list for years, to no avail. I made a filter that anything @domeus or @lucacurci goes straight into my gmail spam box. Yet it's still quite annoying to see the messages in the spam box every now and then.
Artists should never have to pay to show or apply to shows.

lillybo said...

I got this today after applying for the event from a reliable source.

Dear Sandra,

we are glad to inform you that you have been selected to take part in Fragments of Cities - Venice.

Since the huge number of submissions received, we have postponed the event from the 18 to the 25 of July 2014 (opening on July 18), to permit selected artists to have more time to send all the needed materials.

Fragments of Cities, international exhibition of photography, video art, installation and performing art, will be held in the prestigious Palazzo Albrizzi in Venice (Italy), from the 18 to the 25 of July 2014. Fragments of Cities exhibition will be part of the festival MORPHOS, organized in Venice in the months between June and November 2014, in the same period of Architecture Biennale.

In attachment you will find the submission form with all details to take part in the event with your work "Upandown". The entry fee for each artwork selected is:

Photography and installation category
- 200 euro per selected work or series

Thanks for all your time,
Luca Curci

The reliable source did not realise you were expected to pay 200 euros as it stated free entry. 200 for promotion?
sounds like a scam to me as a fee to submit work should be minimal. For reputable galleries its about 20-25 english pounds to submit work and some you can submit unto 4 artworks for that unless its an event like the royal academy summer show or the john moors painting prize.


MargitHemsen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MargitHemsen said...

Luca Curci has cheated and betrayed me. I shipped 2 pictures to his so-called art expo, paid for the exposition and never got a proof (photo or press article), that it had taken place. And I did not get my pictures back, he ignored all emails, just did not ship them back (on my costs).
So beware!!!

Luca Curci said...


Our way of WORKING is a direct CROWDFUNDING, made by artists involved in the events! AND EACH TIME WE CREATE A NEW CALL FOR ARTISTS is always stated the presence of an entry fee once selected. Furthermore we pay all people that works with us. We have a team that WORKS for events.

WE ARE NOT GALLERISTS. So, we will never represent artists, sell their works. WE ORGANIZE ART EVENTS. WE CREATE OPPORTUNITIES. EVERYBODY IS FREE TO BE PART OF THEM or not. We respect all. And we want to be respected.

The fee covers the following services provided by the organization: venue's renting and expenses; artworks' receiving; installation; global and local press office before and during the event; printed invitation cards and totems or posters around the cities; realization of the event page and event dedicated article; opening organization and ceremony; invitation of collectors, institutions, art critics and interested public to the show; hostess service and collaborators during the opening and for the whole duration of the show; dismounting service and packaging of the artworks ready for the shipping back, most of times renting spaces costs of galleries or private buildings.

Here below some INTERVIEWS to ARTISTS that have presented their works in our last events.

Jenny said...

eight years later, this post is still helpful! thanks!

Aldobranti Fosco-Fornio said...

and what I can see at the same time is that his crew are the most frightful spammers -- you definitely do not want them to get your email details and the so-called (EU mandated) unsubscribe function seems to make them worse!

Kseniya said...

Tried to scam an artist for whom I am a business consultant out of 500 euros after having "accepted" his work for ITSLIQUID in Venice. Five hundred. Per piece. Can you imagine?

I see that Mr. Curci is now back-pedaling and calling it "crowd-sourcing" in his most recent comment. A nice way to cover your behind.
"Read carefully next time" is the uttermost bullshit when you send out what, to any practicing artist, looks like an OPEN CALL FOR AN EXHIBITION with NO FEE MENTIONED until you apply. STATE YOUR INTENTIONS CLEARLY NEXT TIME and maybe you won't be accused of bad business practices. DON'T SPAM NEXT TIME and maybe you won't need to defend yourself all over the internet.

It's not illegal but it certainly is immoral.

Posting this comment to keep people aware that this guy is still operating.

Lucy Ridgard & Nic Jottkandt said...

I totally agree, just been emailed by Curci in response to a photography "competition" straight away I thought it was suspect - I won't be taking part!
Really great you posted this.

samuel bester said...

Hi !
I just find this blog after being "selected" to show my work in Venice Biennale 2015 ! What a chance ! Only 150€ my 2 videos instead of 300€! what a chance I have ! After looking at my old mails, I found that a few years ago, I had the same chance to get my installation shown for just… 2000€ ! Incredible how can this guy still be in business !

temporary said...

That is interesting. Thank you for keep posting. I've just bumped few minutes ago into a competition website, and guess what I've found: Liquids Room IV...something got my attention with that Liquid word, but something more switches like a lamp bulb in my head when I then read Mr. Curci name after it. So then all was clear at once. In 2011 I as a member of a design collective submitted our video to be shown in Croatia, as stated from the brief. What attracted us was the international platform that this art installation could recall, paying only 60 euros fee. I personally then emailed Mr. Curci asking any feedback from the show, as from my on-line search nothing was showing up as, per istance, links to the Venue, any pictures of the video screens, any press, anything at all. I got suspicious but still with the idea that maybe in Croatia they where not very digitally upgraded and so with faith in the idea that something really happened. So, I emailed him other times with few replies saying pictures would have come. But nothing came, and then you know you have stuff to do and you just forget. Getting to the point now: checking on the website ArtExpo Official, which is the ONLY on-line reference, there are NO PICTURES of the events, pictures of the real Venue, of the exhibition, of the curators, link to any articles who cites the event, there's actually nothing stating that the events really took place from 2001 to 2013. Honestly, instead of threathen the on-line community about legal consequences, Mr, Curci, you OUGHT to give evidence to all of us that this is not a FRAUD. And I am actually available to create a witnessing community who get Mr Curci and his organisation to legally DEMONSTRATE US how he did use our intellectual material and money.

temporary said...

That is interesting. Thank you for keep posting. I've just bumped few minutes ago into a competition website, and guess what I've found: Liquids Room IV...something got my attention with that Liquid word, but something more switches like a lamp bulb in my head when I then read Mr. Curci name after it. So then all was clear at once. In 2011 I as a member of a design collective submitted our video to be shown in Croatia, as stated from the brief. What attracted us was the international platform that this art installation could recall, paying only 60 euros fee. I personally then emailed Mr. Curci asking any feedback from the show, as from my on-line search nothing was showing up as, per istance, links to the Venue, any pictures of the video screens, any press, anything at all. I got suspicious but still with the idea that maybe in Croatia they where not very digitally upgraded and so with faith in the idea that something really happened. So, I emailed him other times with few replies saying pictures would have come. But nothing came, and then you know you have stuff to do and you just forget. Getting to the point now: checking on the website ArtExpo Official, which is the ONLY on-line reference, there are NO PICTURES of the events, pictures of the real Venue, of the exhibition, of the curators, link to any articles who cites the event, there's actually nothing stating that the events really took place from 2001 to 2013. Honestly, instead of threathen the on-line community about legal consequences, Mr, Curci, you OUGHT to give evidence to all of us that this is not a FRAUD. And I am actually available to create a witnessing community who get Mr Curci and his organisation to legally DEMONSTRATE US how he did use our intellectual material and money.

chorusdg said...

Sorry "temporary" states for a real blogger as chorusdg. Hope we will get out all of us of this doubtful situation about the matter.

Luca Curci said...

It's only online?? Are you sure? Thousand of people are visiting our exhibitions!! visit and you will find hundreds and hundreds of photos from openings and exhibitions!!

chorusdg said...

Fine, can you post on the website pictures of the event and venue about 2011 in Croatia? We look forward for this upgrade. Here is the link when you can upload images: Thus, you should do it for all the event in the past which does not show anything more than a cover.

Artspeak said...

He's still at it:

He morphs into different forms but he is always to be avoided.

Kopacz Kund said...

Wow, 9 years after this post, he still keeps on hunting. If somehow this site get's deleted, please make it again!
Now he has Carmela Loiacono as coordonator...the new generation of spammers. Watch out!

Jem Raid said...

Hello all,

I found this call on Wooloo: to be held at Laura Haber's 'Gallery' in Buenos Aires. I found her FB page:

There are two links on the page to her web sites, both have been suspended and there is no sign of the 'Self Identities' show that she is supposed to be having.

He did the same for one in Bogota I sent a link to my video and he accepted it straightaway without waiting for the deadline to pass. Odd I thought and then in the small print he sent I found the reason why, he wanted me to pay 150 Euros to show it on a television in the 'Gallery'

Lol I thought the guys a scammer but, it could be worse, people paying and sending off art, what happens to the art, do the artists complain, too frightened I guess because it looks on the surface as though he's got a world wide reputation.

Cheers - Jem

maureen considine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
maureen considine said...

Thanks to the moderator here is my comment again

This is the latest one advertised on Visual Artists Call for Artists: CONTEMPORARY VENICE – Architectures of Identities.

I have screenshots of the call - no entry/ submission or participation fee mentioned. I submitted 5 works for consideration to what I thought was a legit exhibition but I received a reply within one day selecting 2 of my works for the show. The document attached to the email asks for a 200euro fee per work and asks that I ship the work undervalued as 'graphics' or pay the customs tax in advance. The document states that they take no responsibility for damage or loss of the works. You send the label info yourself and they just print it. They do not handle returns of unsold work. The short turn around for delivery of works will likely means some people will get caught out because they wont have taken the time to check out the legitimacy of this 'event'. I contacted the Visual Artist Ireland organisation and they are going to take down the listing.

Marlijn Franken said...

So Mr Luca Curci is still alive and kicking...Only after years I succeeded stopping his stalking emails...I thought... Today they, from It's Liquid, found me again, not by email but via my Vimeo account. This time it's about FUTURE LANDSCAPES in Venice. And again: I would really like to believe this is all good and true. Everything seems so wonderful, too wonderful and maybe it even is. Indeed it is mentioned you have to pay a fee when selected, but no transparency about the amount to pay, they should mention that! Everyone should decide themselves, but be aware... In my opinion it is the other way around. We artists should receive money to show our work, not paying to be seen. Hey we are no hobbyists craving to have a 'reel' expo!

Венера Александрийская said...

Big thanks for the information!!! That stops me from partisipation and make me see the "PICTURE".

Borodin said...

Thank you so much for your this blog. Unfortunatly it is not visible enough. My friend already exhibited in Milan, ArtExpo 2016. in september 2016. It was presented like great opportunity. In the email they said on the exhibition will be art collectors, art dealers and buyers. She travelled to Milan, because she wanted to be present for the "great event". She paid huge money to participate, panel costed 1600 e. That was investment in her career, she thaught. They said that visitors should be announced through their website. When she came there, the entrance was with no security, nobody even ask her who is she. On the opening night was just 50 people, mostly artists and their friends, some kids too. That was dissapointing. Following days, it was completely empty. Of one hundred of artists that exhibited there, nobody sold anything. Of course, besides the ArtEXpoMilan site, you can not find any trace of the event. They published on their facebook page , one album with the photos. Album got 15 likes. No reviews in any magazine, no art critics. On the closure of the exhibition they invited some professors, give the free drinks, and the show was over. She did not get her paintings back. Now they threaten her she will be legally prosecuted if she speaks about this! And of course, she will write here her terrible experience on her own here and with all the names of the organizators of this ArtExpo. It is not Luca anymore,not this time. they have new people now.

william pickles said...

Another sad story in the series the "The Curse of Luca Curci"

He is almost vampiric, needing his fix of innocent blood. The revolting individual has threatened legal violence before so I am not worried.

Even if his name does not appear on postings, we must all look out for these calls of "free" entry and then a charge to exhibit. Thank you @Borodin for telling us the whole story of the blood sucker's feast at the opening and closing.

Volarch said...

Thank you, I was about to enter to a competition in Bogotá. You saved me from paying $500 Euros for three panels.

Aldobranti Fosco-Fornio said...

and another of his side kicks Carlotta Cosentino has found my web page

"We have visited your website and we were really impressed by your art."

I bet you say that to all the boys

For this reason, we would be very proud to include your works and
represent you during our next exhibitions, that we are organizing in
Venice (Italy).

etc etc and they do say they'll talk about costs

but just steer clear and you won't get on their lists

Luca Curci said...


More details about our last events in Venice.

Feedback release: BODIES+CITIES SKIN | Venice
Venice Art House Gallery & Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi – May 28-29, 2016

Feedback release: FRAGMENTED IDENTITIES | Venice
Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi & Venice Art House – August 04, 2016

Feedback release: FUTURE LANDSCAPES | Venice
Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi – October 06, 2016
Venice Art House – October 07, 2016

Jem Raid said...

RE the above,

I looked at the video above and I've never seen such a bunch of amateurs!
1/2 the video wasn't taken at an art venue at all
It looked like a garden centre with cafe attached
And the dreadful room (in a palace!!!) I couldn't see any art at all
I think Mr Curci you have reached a very low point where you couldn't care less what people think, because you know that some arty idiots who want some vanity (non) exhibitions will pay your extortionate fees
I never will and advise anyone finding this to take the time to read ALL of this thread and NOTE the date of the first post.

Good afternoon.

Ana Ro said...

I was asked to pay 300 euros to show my video in the Contemporary Art Venice (the name seems to evoke a huge international event... ). I said no, because the amount made me notice this has the smell of a fraud.
To me, this is a clear operation to take people's money in exchange of a poorer exhibition than most of the real serious art & cinema compromised festivals.
I wouldn't recommend to play this game, it impoverishes a whole community.

Luca Curci said...

Palazzo Flangini, Venice: December 16, 2016

CONTEMPORARY VENICE – It’s LIQUID International Art Show opened its doors on December 16, 2016 in Venice at the prestigious Palazzo Flangini, presenting a great selection of photography, painting, installation/sculpture, video-art and performance works of 84 emerging and important artists, coming from 35 countries.

During the opening night more than 500 visitors attended the event CONTEMPORARY VENICE with considerable enthusiasm, satisfaction and interest of the participating audience. The event has been an amazing success and it has been considered as the most influential event in the whole city of Venice during the month of December 2016.

more details:

samuel bester said...

Ana Ro is right, I wouldn't recommend to play this game, it impoverishes a whole community. Artist don't have to pay to show their work, it's just unbelievable that Luca Curci is still doing this business with artists. It would be better to focus on business like selling clothes, furniture something like that, Art is not a pair of socks !

Jem Raid said...

Hello all,

I notice that a few 'events and opportunities' on Wooloo are jumping on Mr Curci's wagon I found this one for instance that wanted 100€

If you don't know of this one already the title says it all, goodbye Mr Curci.

The author of the the site is Tracy Miller-Robbins:
I congratulate her
Thanks a million Tracy

Cheers - Jem

Atricity said...

Funny... no mention of a fee here:

...even though Mr. Curci said, "AND EACH TIME WE CREATE A NEW CALL FOR ARTISTS is always stated the presence of an entry fee once selected."

10Oneintheloop said...

I had a bad experience when I performed at a Performance Festival last Year organized by Luca Curci. The event had to be visible live on facebook and it wasn't, there was no advertisment of the event in the area of the event at all. Poor organization and I am still waiting to receive some photos of my performance after ine Year! With alla the previous complaints people should beware of this unprofessional if not fraudolent way of speculating on artists.

Aldobranti Fosco-Fornio said...

You are being kind to call this 'poor organisation' . I think the only bit that gets organised is the robotic stream of postings to sites like wooloo or sendyouthis and the automatic acceptance of any submission to be accompanied with the inevitable demand for a fee.
We all gotta keep our eyes sharp for this flake. Who is not alone.

Sergio Valenzuela said...
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Luca Curci said...

Do you think this is scam?

Artists and architects interested in taking part in our shows, are free to be sponsored and supported by institutions, organizations, governments and their representers; the logos of their sponsors will be included in all the communication (digital and print) of the events.

Salomé García said...

Thanks for this post! I was doing my research before I almost sent my work for the "It’s LIQUID International Contest - 4th Edition 2017". According to the "it's LIQUID" website "The award ceremony of It's LIQUID Contest will be held on May 13, 2017 during the opening of ANIMA MUNDI festival, in the prestigious Palazzo Ca' Zanardi in Venice, on the occasion of the opening of the 57th Venice Art Biennale."
So I googled the prestigious Palazzo Ca' Zanardi, turns out it is a hostel
Come on, everyone is free to show their artworks anywhere they want, but the least he could do is be honest about the venue!
So, I check the awards:
"The Jury will select 1 winner and 2 honorable mentions for each category.
Among the winners of all the categories, the Jury will select the "winner of winners" that will be awarded with 1 YEAR of participations in all the Exhibitions organized by It's LIQUID Group all over the world.
The other winners of all the categories will be awarded each one by one participation in a Contemporary Art, Architecture and Fashion Exhibition in one of the most relevant cities of the world, Venice, New York, Shanghai, Bogota' and Buenos Aires, and a featured article on It's LIQUID platform.
All the participants selected as honorable mentions from all the categories will be awarded by a featured article on It's LIQUID platform.
Among all the participants, It's LIQUID Group, in collaboration with the Gallery Manager, will select 1 artist/architect/designer/fashion designer that will be awarded with 1 YEAR of representation in a professional renewed Art Gallery."
WOW! all the best coverage in the world renowned It's LIQUID platform. AMAZING!
And this time he's even offering 9 Submission plans to prove all of you wrong - SUBMISSION PLAN 1 30€ 2 Artworks - SUBMISSION PLAN 2 50€ 3 Artworks - SUBMISSION PLAN 3 60€ 5 Artworks - SUBMISSION PLAN 4 90€ 8 Artworks - SUBMISSION PLAN 5 100€ 10 Artworks - SUBMISSION PLAN 6 110€ 12 Artworks - SUBMISSION PLAN 7 130€ 15 Artworks - SUBMISSION PLAN 8 150€ 18 Artworks -
SUBMISSION PLAN 9 180€ 20 Artworks. AMAZING! Turns out you can almost have a SOLO show in Venice for only 180€. Really! 30-180€ to apply to show your artworks in a hostel! I wonder if accepted he will be asking for additional fees.
Now I'm sure this is a SCAM.
Also, just check other years artworks, terrible, how can he call himself a curator!
Mr. Luca Curci probably can't make a living as an architect with only 3D renders to show on his website (, so he's making a living from emerging artists. I'm struggling to swallow all this.
You gotta give it to him though, he's putting up a very sexy online platform if you are only scrolling, but when you go in depth, the truth is pretty clear.
Sorry about the long post. Hope this is helpful for others.

thoolb said...

Thanks fro your story. They still seem to be successful with their kind of a money machine. Today I got an email starting this way:

"Dear ( name),
this is Maddalena Pippa, Project Coordinator of It's LIQUID Group(
We have visited your website and we were really impressed by your art. ..."

Then a long list of exhibition names and places follows. The email ends with:

"... Looking forward to hearing your response, we are open to give you all detailed information regarding the different festivals, the participation in them and costs involved.
Thanks for all your time.
Best regards,
Maddalena Pippa
Project Coordinator
Arch. Luca Curci
+39.3387574098 (whatsapp/viber)
It's LIQUID Group
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 33
70122 Bari (Italy)
Santa Croce, 1116
30135 Venezia (Italy)
+39.3387574098 "

The fact that "Magdalena Pippa" as project coordinator does use an @gmail-account and NOT use made me wondering. So I started to google for the award and for results of it. I only could find widely spread invitations to the contest – nothing about results.

After that I googled for text lines of her email, – and I found your story. ;) THANKS
Meanwhile the "lucalurci" tried to fix their image and to prevent critics here:

Two posts above (March 14, 10:52 h) one Luca Lurci asked the reader of this blog comments:
"Do you think this is scam?" – and he seems to answer his question with 3 links to his website only. What reason should I have to look at this content if the scammer tries to convince critics with his own advertisements only – instead of real press articles?

Hope this helps others not to fall into the lurci liquid.

thoolb said...

Another site is 2013 reporting luca lurci as scam:

Written in Spanish; to translate it to your language go to "" and paste the URL.

thoolb said...

On this site Luca Lurci still offers submission as "for free" and includes an online-form to fill your name/address and upload up to three images:

"Share your projects with us
Submit your artworks, design/fashion products, architecture projects for free"

Mark Smith said...

Same here, no entry fee mentioned

BPH said...

I also just received an e-mail for the new upcoming event, which is part of "Venice Biennale 2017". Went to Venice Biennale website, and his event is not listed, and the venue is not listed. Then I found this post. Good lessons for all of us. Thank you!
For the organization, Luca Curci: can you list any art reviews about your past event(s) from major (I said that again, major!) international newspapers/publications?

Winston Bracken said...

Here is my response to them:

The only way we do things like this are on a commision basis of sold art works. On international shows we get an 80% advance on the value of the art work plus shipping costs that are the responsibility of the venue/gallery. This can be paid by various means like Pay Pal. After the 80% advance is covered in sales it is a 60 40 split with 40% going to the venue/gallery. Advances and shipping costs are non refundable. We are glad you like Winston's work and look forward to working with your organization.

Thank you,

Joseph Albers

Mark Smith said...

Have a look at itsliquid's Facebook page. Negative reviews also there.

Eleveld Fotografie said...

Hi there, apparently my Wetplate photography has been selected to take part in the VISIONS ANIMA MUNDI festival, curated by Luca Curci and Andrea Chinellato. (deadline 27 aug.)
My Artworks are 100x100 cm, so the cost will be 4 x 500 euro= 2000 euro +shipping !
It all seems to be a lot money for a presentation in some old building what also a lodging is! Palazzo Ca' Zanardi

Anyhow, I will pass on this one!

Thanks, Peter

Kirsty Harris said...

Thanks for posting, googled Luca Curci curator and this was the first result - so it's doing it's job to warn artists... 10 years later!

Ch Carroll said...

The link provided by Mr Curci to prove the legitimacy of his event is, big surprise, 404 NOT FOUND.

Jan Diederik said...

SHIT THIS IS STILL HAPPENING!! I ALMOST GOT SCAMMED. How can I find him, I really want to put
a selected artwork wit a minimum dimensions of 100x100cm right up is ASSHOLE!

He send me this information!

---> 500 euro for each selected artwork with a maximum dimensions of 100x100cm.
Bank transfer:
Name: Luca Curci
Bank: Bancapulia Spa
Filiale 14, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 112 - 70122 Bari (Italy) IBAN: IT09 S057 8704 0040 1457 0027 600

Luca it' STUPID Curci

your stupid cow

bluemoon said...

I am so grateful for this post. This was the first international show I had applied for. I got suspicious when his email congratulating me on being accepted said free in one place then 200 euros in another. The information didn't make sense and a lot of typos. I feel so sorry for those that never got their works back, talk about a worst fear! I know that if s show really happens on the scale he claims it is easy to prove from outside sources, but he only cites his pages. Obviousky5this is a scam

Philine said...

Thanks for the warning, I'm glad I googled It's Liquid Venice.

MrKevclown said...

I had a 'call for entries' on my FB for itsliquid labyrinth in Venice same venue as above comments. Thank you for this post,
I've literally been organising driving my works down to Italy and paying when I install because something didn't ring true.
The offer of being interviewed with my work being displayed was just a bit too good to be true!
And my work was also accepted before any deadlines reached which rang bells. Then I was informed I could enter as many
As I liked at 300 euros each. I won't be sending or taking my work to Italy after reading this post. It's tricky though, is this man slowly growing
To a reputable level of show organising and people have been over sold in the process. Are these shows becoming bigger as time goes on?
I think because my art was excepted before the dead line I'm not investing? I was very close though. my brother was even going to help cover costs. I hope one day this man does create magnificent events though where perhaps we can all benefit.

Aldobranti Fosco-Fornio said...

And still they come

Invitation to enter free submissions to the 5th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography , Barcelona

No submission fee, simply your willingness to pay 280USD printing and framing per work -- to ensure uniform style . To be fair, if the framing is really good and they use museum glass on a big print it might seem less contorted but in the end it is certain that Artists are only part of the food chain

Erik van Os said...

Yes! I paid 200 euro's to join an exhibition and have travelled to Venice to see how things worked out.
No! Itsliquid will not offer you any Venice artworld network nor will it do any substantial advertising on the show.
Yes! Mr Luca Curci is present at the opening and takes his project serious.
Yes! he offers you a real, jaw dropping palazzi and an opportunity to 'do a show in fucking Venice!'
That's the product he delivers and he delivers it well so stop crying.
But let's talk about vanity.
Vanity has nothing to do with paying to play.
Everybody is paying to play with their lives and their money.
Vanity is rather about very special, very interesting people who want to be stars all the time.
It's not about art, it is about them!
Vanity is about the disappointment that nobody is paying to make you a star!
Postmodernism still sucks.
Greathings! ;)

Jim Read said...

Lol some people have more money than sense, are you sure Mr Curci didn't pay you to write this.

william pickles said...

Erik, so you have bought into the vanity of having a [oooh! Venice] show in one Palazzo ( not several Palazzi ) and now you are lecturing us. Are you sure you are so much better than we?
This blog chain has always been about the marketing hit of 'sLiquid Luca Curci and our annoyance about his copywriting where he keeps shtum about the 200EU until much later.

So you are one of his pleased customers ? -- I hope the "Palazzo" lived up to your expectations , Wikipedia tells me there are more than 30 but sadly does not include the Ca Zanardi. Mr Curci's venue seems to double up as a hostel, This means that if he puts a few nuts and nibbles in a bowl there will be a scrum of starving tourists and they'll fit into the publicity photos.

So, back to my original point -- did you sell ? Including all your costs are you sure it was worthwhile ? I do so hope you're being honest with us about your relationship with Luca Curci

Erik van Os said...

Dear William,
'did I sell?'
Am I a marketeer?
Before my trip I contacted 2 friends in Venice (who work at the Biënnale) who contacted a colleague (who happens to know every exhibition owner in Venice)
This person told them Mr Curci is not the type of guy, who has to deceive would-be artists for €200 a piece.
His organisation is considered decent and wealthy as a result of his work as an architectural/designer and his exhibitions run in several places (like in a highbrow ski-resort)
So I took a plane to get lost in snowy, misty Venice for one week (which made it worthwhile already)
Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi is a real palazzi and it is jaw dropping beautiful (actually it was far far better than most of the art that was shown)
It's too easy to make a scam-demon out of Mr Curci.
He might not be a famous or influential person in the Venetian artworld, but he is dedicated & motivated.
The paintings and pictures were all carefully exhibited but the video's were in a 120 minute reel with 13 other productions, so difficult to detect.
Personal I was not touched by the contemporary art that was shown, so I left the exposition early.
The whole trip was worthwhile to me, but it didn't make me a best selling artist.
I'm in it for artsake and I refuse to feel myself a victim of anything.
Mr Curci doesn't deliver the professional highbrow trip to fame, but if you think you can buy yourself into that for €200 euro I say: good luck to you!

Jim Read said...

As we all know from photographs linked to further back in this thread. The 'palazzo' is actually a hostel and also a garden centre selling droopy pot plants to the locals.

The interior looks typically hostel like furnished with the second hand junk that no one else wants and was about to throw away. As for art on the walls I certainly didn't see any.

Cheers and if you are reading this for the first time and are thinking of doing it ... DON'T you will be doing a disservice to your fellow artists.

Erik van Os said...

Speak for yourself Jim Read.
Go and look for yourself instead of echoing nonsens.
This kind of threads are always the same.
It reminds me of pictures posted on Facebook on how bad the ocean was polluted with Fukushima radiation.
The thread of people complaining and whining was growing and growing.
I kept posting the prove that the picture was a hoax, but people just didn't want to see it.
They prefer to believe the bad story.
It gives them a feeling of being right.

Jim Read said...

I think the biggest giveaway is the 'promise' to send ones art to "It's Liquid Exhibitions" worldwide for one year. I think Mr Curci must be a simpleton with no more idea than fly in the air about the costs of shipping art worldwide. The packing costs alone would not be covered by what he asks.

If arty morons can't see that for themselves then they deserve to be ripped off.

Erik van Os said...

whose deed

Jenny Lee said...

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Ulisse Di Bartolomei said...

(Hello! I apologize if I advertise in this way) In a few hours begins the free promotion of my autobiographical book, and will last a few days. It deals with scams through NGO statutes and the like. I do not think it is a masterpiece, but it will help you protect your children from the flattery of false teachers and prophets.

Mustikoita said...

Just found this as I also recieved an email from Luca - this is still going on in 2018 and he's asking artists to pay €250 to have work shown in New York - in a limousine ! It is so ridiculous so thank you for the heads up about this.

I also get a lot of emails from another 'art' group that asks for money from artists so hopefully posting these online will be helpful:

MADRID | 1/4 MARCH 2019
Petit Palace Santa Bárbara Hotel
Plaza de Santa Bárbara 10, Madrid

The gallery, through an international open call, search two artists to participate in the next edition of the HYBRID.
The fair takes place simultaneously with the art week in Madrid.

For direct participation, is requested an ethical reimbursement of 148 euro.
Payment by Bank transfer, Credit card, Paypal'

So this art show is in a HOTEL not in Madrid's art week but NEAR it. Sounds similar to comments on here.

Unknown said...

This whole thing is so much like a scam. 300 Euro for one film, 400 for 2, 500 for 3. I just got emailed about it as well for this show called Spaces organized by Its Liquid group - same bunch of scammers.

Jim Read said...

He's at it again;

No need to say anymore except SCAM


S.O. said...

Absolutely, avoidable at all costs.

incongruenciasabormiel said...

It's Liquid Group it's a fucking scam!!! Fake festivals, fake exhibitions, playing with artists and filmmakers illusions. Everybodey should know it! They still send me emails even I selected to cancel the mailing. They really suck. That guy should face himself. He tried to convinced me to pay 100 euros for a non existent video art exhibition somewhere in the UK, and when I looked up for the address on the map, there were nothing there. Luckly I didn't pay him and of course I declined his miserable offer. FUCK YOU LUCA CURCI, IF THAT'S EVEN YOUR REAL NAME... KARMA WILL GO BACK TO YOUR DIRTY FACE.

Aldobranti Fosco-Fornio said...

This arsehole has I think upped his game and now spam bombs anyone who has the temerity to hit the 'unsubscribe' link on his mailings. How do we get his national Data Registrar to hit him where it hurts? He obviously thinks 'GDPR be damned, I will go down all guns blazing'.

Unknown said...

Help I keep getting hounded by Itsliquid though never submitted anything or my info they just or Zap just charged my cc for hundreds of dollars I do not know how they got it! Help!!!

Luca Curci said...

All these photos from the last exhibition openings are scam for you?

And you can find more on and on our facebook page.

Before writing bad words and accusing an organization, please be sure you are right. We are taking legal actions against all of you that try to destroy our work. Thanks to all your articles, we are growing all over the world.

Aldobranti Fosco-Fornio said...

OK Luca, buddy
here is the deal

On numerous occasions I have hit the unsubscribe button on one of your pernicious emails and still you persist in sending them to me. This means that your organisation is in breach of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 GDPR

It is quite simple, every time in the future that I recieve an email from you I shall be back here and calling you out for the charlatan and spamster that you are.

To repeat, when I am no longer reminded of your noxious existence, seemingly every week I shall have better thiungs to do than to waste time on your toe tag activities. Other artists may come after you but that will be their decision.

So get your miserable ass into gear and implement GDPR properly -- it would be a better use of your time than wasting time with lawyers

Jim Read said...

See you in court Mr Curci I still have the evidence of your Bogota scam including the real estate agents sales details for the shop you called a "Gallery".

I don't think so Mr Curci

Unknown said...

Just have been targeted by ITSLIQUID GROUP & ANIMA MUNDI FESTIVAL: Marianna Iaccarino

After reading your post(s) I've made my research - it is scum indeed. Still they organise some kind of cheap event, to not to have trouble with the police / interpol / lawyers; to cover their ass I assume.
thats the place they promise:
I even wrote them back :)

I just discovered that both ITSLIQUID GROUP & ANIMA MUNDI FESTIVAL, has changed the art scum alert status form yellow to RED all over internet.

I'm so sorry scums like yours exists, especially because your attempt consider one of the most vulnerable group of people: emerging artists.
I know that it is also the reason that makes you continue this pathetic and cheap try of extortion every year.

But you have to be aware that one day ( and that day is coming sooner then you expect ) somebody will find you - and fuck you up.
If I've gave you my money I work so hard on - not knowing what I know after reading about your fraud system in net - I personally would.


And believe me - I would.

Unknown said...

No worries Luca, youl'll make it again buddy. Everyone has a mortgage to pay.
On the second thought, I guess, I'll rent the THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space, at Palazzo Ca' Zanardi on my own. It's cheaper.

Thats how the fraud starts this May, 2019:

"Dear (my name),
I'm Marianna Iaccarino Project Coordinator of ITSLIQUID GROUP. We have visited your website and we are very interested in showing your artworks: for example the already winner of ...(actual won contest)... (name/s of my artworks!!!!) during the next exhibition: we would be particularly honored to
ANIMA MUNDI FESTIVAL, international exhibition of photography, painting, video art, installation/sculpture and performance art, that will be held in Venice, at THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space, at Palazzo Ca' Zanardi and in other prestigious venues and historical buildings, from May to November 2019, during the same period of the 58th Venice Biennale. This year, ITSLIQUID Group will host the Osten Pavilion of the Republic of North Macedonia at Palazzo Ca' Zanardi.
ANIMA MUNDI consists of 3 main events: RITUALS from May 09 to July 05, 2019 at THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space and Palazzo Ca' Zanardi with the selection of international artists. We are now selecting artists for the following two upcoming events:
- CONSCIOUSNESS from July 25 to September 20, 2019 at THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space and from July 26 to September 20, 2019 at Palazzo Ca' Zanardi. Deadline for applications is June 09, 2019

- VISIONS from October 03 to November 24, 2019 at THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space and from October 04 to November 24, 2019 at Palazzo Ca' Zanardi. Deadline for applications is September 07, 2019

To confirm your participation please:
- read terms and conditions on the official website of ANIMA MUNDI FESTIVAL;
- send us a proposal about the artworks you would like to present (with names, dimensions, technique - you may show as many works as you want, including existing and new ones);
- fill the submission forms in attachment and send us all info and details about you (your curriculum, biography, some images about your artworks).

The application proposal is completely free. If selected, there is a participation fee related to the number and dimensions of the artworks selected. The fee covers the venues’ renting, the global and local press office, the design and the printing of invitation cards, posters, the realization of the exhibition website and dedicated articles, mounting, dismounting and packaging service, opening organization and ceremony, hostess service and collaborators during the whole festival, the publication of a printed catalogue that will include all the participants.

All artists, architects and designers interested in taking part in our shows are free to be sponsored and supported by institutions, organizations, private sponsors and their delegates; the logos of their sponsors will be included in all the communication (digital and printed) of the events. If you are planning to visit our locations in Venice, contact us by email at or by phone at +39.3387574098

Looking forward to hearing your response, we are at disposal to give you all detailed information.

Best regards,
Marianna Iaccarino
Project Coordinator

Arch. Luca Curci
mobile: +39.3387574098

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 33
70122 Bari (Italy)

Calle Larga San Marco, 374
30124 Venezia (Italy)